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A little school that shapes big lives

For over a century Arthurs Creek Primary School has done a lot more than educate. We’ve brought out the talents of individuals, nurtured our students and encouraged them to take on the world and understand how it works. Parents who choose ACPS as the start of their child’s learning journey are making a conscious decision to give them a richer pathway of discovery.

As a small school, we are perfectly equipped to challenge, to understand, to integrate and share. We are uniquely positioned to preserve our strong ties with the community and keep our children grounded. It’s a refreshing attitude that sets them up for a big, exciting future.

We encourage you to read the Principal’s Message for a greater understanding of the ACPS spirit. Arthurs Creek Primary is the perfect setting for those seeking a school with a strong learning philosophy and warm community-focused approach. The academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of our 58 students remains at the heart of what we do and the curriculum is designed to support each of these important aspects of a child’s development.